English Language Courses

IELTS Preparation Course

The unique IELTS preparation course at Le Maple Academy will teach you the essential English language skills and strategies required to ace the IELTS test in your first attempt.

The IELTS preparation programme at Le Maple Academy is an intensive 8 to 12 week course designed to prepare students for the four main components of the IELTS test and achieve their target score in their first attempt.

At Le Maple we realise how the IELTS test is hard and stressful for candidates from backgrounds and employments in which the English language is hardly used and have put together a unique preparation course that helps them to learn and practise the different English language skills that all come together to form the IELTS test in the least possible time.

English Speaking Course

Le Maple Academy provides a unique and personalised approach to Spoken English learning. The course is tailored to suit each student’s individual strengths and areas which require improvement, which means that our trainers are able to assist them closely in developing their all round communication skills in English.

The classes focus on areas such as communication, fluency, vocabulary development, grammar, debating and role playing along with constant efforts to improve their level of confidence in speaking English in any given situation from formal to informal.

Our spoken English classes suit everyone from jobseekers to students to housewives and younger children.

French Language Courses

Preparation courses for DELF A1, A2 and B1 examinations

The DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) is a French proficiency certification for non-native speakers of French awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency in the French language.

In the DELF preparation course at Le Maple Academy, you will study all four language skills, (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and our highly qualified and experienced staff will ensure that you reach your target level as quickly as possible.

The course also includes a mock examination so that you know what to expect on the day and take the examination fully prepared.

Spoken French

Learning to speak French involves much more than learning its grammar and structure. At Le Maple, we offer a French speaking course which helps you to master the spoken form of the language through simple lessons with emphasis on everyday situations. As soon as you start the course you will be constructing French sentences on your own relying on what you have learnt so far and thus consolidating your skills and confidence in using the language.

The Spoken French course is ideal for those who are relocating to France or Canada for employment or study purposes.
German Language Courses

At Le Maple Academy we offer German language classes that suit all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced for both professionals and students moving to any German speaking country. The courses are delivered using a proven method, which gives you the confidence to speak and write in German, and always offer you a continued sense of progression and achievement

German for Nursing Professionals in Kerala

For nurses aspiring to work in Germany as nurses, the real key to validating your nursing degree obtained from a recognised university in India is a B2 Level Certificate in German(Goethe,TELC,OSD)

At Le Maple Academy we help you achieve it through an intensive 6 month course. By spending 6 hours every day (Monday to Friday) in a German language classroom, you learn how to communicate in this language quite efficiently and master the necessary skills to pass the exams under the constant support and advice from expert trainers.

We provide hostel facility for outstation candidates enrolled in our German language courses