Corporate Traning In English and French

In this globalised age, excellent communication skills in foreign languages are necessary for workplaces that have global reach. In order to communicate with business firms from other countries and thus increase the number of potential customers, it is highly essential that the employees speak different tongues quite efficiently.

Le Maple understands this growing demand for quality foreign language courses among business organisations that have global ties and offers a range of English and French language courses that suit their individual needs.

Popular programmes include Spoken French, Business French, Writing Emails in French, English for Business communication and General English.

Training can be provided at the workplace on request.

Language Training for Educational Institutes

If you are an educational institute looking to integrate foreign language education into the syllabus, we can provide the language support you need for English and French in grooming your students to be global citizens.

Popular programmes we offer include Academic English, Spoken English, General English, Spoken French and French Grammar.

Length, format and schedule of the chosen course can be flexible according to student requirements.

The courses can be run at your school or college at a time suitable for you.