Triveni Bake World
Signature of taste in your tongue

Triveni Bakery established in the year 1995.Our dream concern launched in 2016 was named Triveni Bake World .Which is specialised on live fresh cream model cakes and quality sweets.We are the beginners who got the real taste of fresh cream cakes in the surrounded areas. We offered a wide range of cakes like Vancho, Red velvet, Moco chocolate, Fresh coffee, Honey, Almond, Fruit basket, various cheese cakes, photo cakes etc...

Within two years our dream project is a sparkling taste of customers mind because of some reason. We used high quality ingrediants for products making. We use only natural flavors and colors, never use any unpermitted materials and taste enhancers. We use only Amul ice creame and Milma milk for shakes and juicers. We use RKG Ghee instead of Dalda. Amul butter and cheese used for products.

We use fractose (suger free) for sweets, So its safe for our health, childerens & diabetic patients.We provide & maintain hygenic and eco friendly environment.

The complete range of bakery products offered by us includes cakes, biscuits, cokkies, Rolls, Puffs, sandwich, bread, burger, pizzas and all types. These are prepared by using high of sweets quality ingradiants like uncontaminated milk and natural flavours. We also have a wide spread of traditional home make snacks like Ela Ada(ഇല അട), Aari unda(അരി ഉണ്ട), Avaloose podi(അവലൂസ് പൊടി) etc...

We always emphasis on the high quality products with affordable price

'For a Magical life, have a magical taste'....With Thriveni