Landscape Development
All our plants are grown in self own fertile farms to ensure quality and efficiency of the garden plants. Our experienced plantation experts have immense knowledge of every aspect of plantation which helps us in growing comprehensive range of plants in our nursery. For the complete range of nursery saplings, just avail our highly affordable services. We deliver plants at very affordable prices to suit the budget of all. We undertake landscaping works on Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Public sector in reasonable rates.

Lawn & Gardens Maintanance
We undertake gardens maintenance for keeping a garden healthy, clean and safe weeding, Fertilizing and shrub pruning.

Indoor Plants
We provide 200 varieties of Indoor Plants. Our Indoor shrubs are ideal for comfortable groupings as they require much less room than larger specimens. Our Indoor plants are free from diseases and grown as healthy conditions. We undertake Indoor plant setting with rare variety plants pebble stones etc. Indoor plants less space, requires less care, decorative and Indoor greenery.

Fruit Plants Planting
Our old and new variety grafted fruit plants have numerous enticiting features such as tasty fruits, Fast growth in our climate conditions, high yield and Fabulous look etc. We profuse hybrid varieties of Jack, Sappotta, Guava, Mango, Amla, Lime varieties, Orange, Malasian fruits like Mankostin, Rambutan, Pulason, Water apple, Butter fruit, Dragon fruit and more than 100 different varieties of fruit trees. All are grafted or layered fruit plants planting for homes and other places in affordable prices. We have a good collection of fruit trees mother plants in our nursery.

Medicinal Plants
We are providing 300 varieties of Medicinal plants in our nursery. Our Medicinal plants provide highly effective herbs by combining the knowledge with modern production techniques, Eco-friendly herbal medicine plants. We offer medicinal plants very affordable prices. We undertake medicinal plants garden construction with name board for Institutions, hospitals and other organizations. We provide 27-star trees also.

Avenue Trees Planting
Avenue trees restore a fresh and eye soothing look to the whole surroundings. In an area when greenery and zero pollution have become the chief concern’s of the people. We supply the plants available in affordable prices. We plant Avenue trees on sides of the road, Pavements houses, Government organizations, Institutions and factories.

Ground Cover
Our nursery is offering different varieties of ground covers’s that are effective in decorating your garden. Our ground covers provide on good look to the viewer, nature friendliness. Our ground cover’s easily spread throughout the garden in shaded area and in full sunlight. It spreads it a great spread, having more life and economical. Ground cover widely used for decorative purposes, providing greenery and refreshing mood. We undertake ground covering works also.

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