Who We Are?

To provide superior quality and affordable immigration services for PR or/and education visa is the thrust are of AMSTER. Built on the pioneering vision and ideals of two sisters Ms. Paravthy Maya & Vishnu Maya the institution has made a mark of excellence in the field, and it stands at distinct from the others, winning accolades from everywhere resulting from the services of an efficient teaching of managers, who know their field of work very well.

We are committed to 100% positive result enabling thousands of our fellow citizens, who are intelligent and hardworking, top open up in trodden vistas in the developed nations like Canada and Australia, ensuring PR/Student visas, Which can be clubbed also, for which we provide all necessary training and back, including IELTS training and even arrangement of loan s from banks/financial intuitions, through our goodwill.

WHERE THERE IS WILL, THERE IS A WAY; WHERE THERE IS A STRONG WILL, THERE IS A SURE WAY! You can bank upon us-we will say you up to your destinations as an able caption. Our tie-up with the foreign governments concerned and their immigration agencies and the premier educational institutions in those countries help us achieve our goals positively.

What Did We offer?
Amster Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is one solution for: Amster group is Kerala's first immigration consultancy which introduced "filtering system" which facilitates candidates to get there PR processing done within months, Amster is the first company In India introduced Fast track Immigration System. Amster has a dedicated team to prepare the eligible candidates for fast-track processing to achieve there dream to be as a PR holder in deferent countries. Amster identifies the skills and capabilities of clients through the filtering system. Our team motivates, assist and support the clients in recovering their difficulties to complete there processing. Clients of Amster has a strong belief that an expert team is behind them to achieve there dream. Filtering System analyses the client profile in each and every aspect of immigration procedures and rule. Thus Amster team can complete the immigration processing in the record-breaking time period.
The specialties of Amster immigration overseas
  1. Offices in Kerala at Kottayam and Cochin and spreads to the Middle East at Dubai.
  2. Excellent team work100’s of well experienced, trained, the uniformed team provides the world-class immigration. Amster group having fully furnished, equipped, largest services to the candidates.
  3. Assessment and Filtering
  4. India’s first overseas immigration company provides transparent reports after strict assessment and filtering by the direct direction of the reputed attorneys and consultants.
  5. Fastest immigration Visa filling team in India
  6. Amster’s fast-track processing system helps the eligible candidates to complete the documentation procedures within 2-4 months.

We will use our experience, immigration skills, and technological resources to nullify anxiety and provide peace of mind while you and your organization can concentrate on more important matters. The oath of Amster Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is to provide specialized expertise, services, and counseling with an exceptional standard of work ethics. Our macrocosmic pivot illustrates long-lasting client relationships. Our backbone is a team of attorneys specializing in the field of employment, business laws, litigation, and diplomatic relations. Amster Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd is a multi-specialty immigration service firm that brings an extremely distinctive perspective to our valued client relationships.