Located in Calicut, Thejas the leading home nursing agency has years of experience in providing the best and qualified home nurses. When someone you love is ill, finding high-quality care in your absence will be your top priority.

In Thejas we understand your needs and provides you with the best home nursing solutions that suit your requirements and pocket. Apart from patient care we also provide nurses for pregnancy care, new born baby care and also nurses for elderly care. You can contact our team for form more information on our service.

Nowadays seniors are becoming disconnected from society due to the fast moving life of their children and growing nuclear family structure. Children's if they wanted also will not able to take good care of their parents because they are forced to shift out of their home town for better career prospects.
Thejas home nursing agency provides qualified and caring nurses to take excellent care of seniors in your home.
Thejas home nursing is the industry leader in nurse staffing. Giving immense care to your loved ones when they have gone through unseen and unexpected misfortunes is a challenging task.
You can contact Thejas home nursing agency and we will provide you with qualified nurses who can assist you in taking care of your loved one post hospitalization
Those buttery soft fingers that give you a feathery feeling needs to be taken care, your baby’s skin sensitivity makes it a lot more different than adult skin.
It may look perfect, but it is very delicate and sensitive so it needs special care during the first few months, many new mothers won't be able to give complete care during the absence of their parents and this is where Thejas Home Nursing comes into the picture, Call us for best home nursing solutions in Calicut
Thejas Home Nursing offers a caring environment, information, and personal support for pregnant ladies. Pregnancy is a period one has to be careful about diet and exercise.
If you think the lady needs professional assistance, don't hesitate to call Thejas home nursing because we provide best and professional home nurses for the well-being of the expectant mother.
A clean environment enhances all of our lives when your home and premises are clean obviously your mental and physical health will improve. If the lack of free time is your problem, Thejas home nursing agency will come handy as we have the best database of housemaids who can serve you..
Our services are pocket-friendly, professional and reliable.

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