About Us

Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre was established in the year 1995. We work towards remedying Speech and Hearing disabilities. Sravana understands very well as to how important communication is in the day-to-day life. How expressing thoughts, needs and emotions are among every human being’s basic sensory needs. We understand the intricacies of the process – the cerebration, cognition, hearing, speech production and motor co-ordination and how they play an important factor in the multi-dimensional dynamic process called communication.

Sravana means “Hearing”. That is where our expertise is concentrated. Sravana Speech and Hearing Centre works towards healing deafness/hearing impairment. We offer counseling services to our patients. Our training programs help towards making the therapy a complete success, adding value to our services towards patients to overcome their hearing and speech disabilities.

Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre is easily accessible once you are in Kottayam city. The Centre is situated at Kanjikuzhi.

The Centre was started under the supervision of Mrs. Susan Mathew, an experienced Audiologist & Speech Pathologist. She graduated from All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore. Mrs. Mathew started practice at MGDM Hospital, Kangazha, Kottayam in 1990.

Mr. Biju Alex Mathew, who is a Partner at the Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre, handles Sales, Service and Administration departments of the Centre. He is a trained expert at fitting Digital Hearing Aids and is a certified professional with certifications from international organizations.