About Our College

When you choose SEA to become an audio professional, you will find out our commitment for providing state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum . SEA is committed to continuous improvement and accredited with a glowing testimonial for the high quality teaching as per the latest audit by the International Organization For Standardization (ISO 9001-2008), which projects out our strength in managing academic quality and facilities as per International standards. At SEA, you will find a style of teaching and learning that emphasis the needs of each student.

Thinking of being the next hotshot Sound Engineer? Or setting trends on the Film Industry as a Sound Designer? Harbouring a dream to be the crucial part of on stage shows as a Live Audio Engineer?

Become one of us and you’ll be thrown into a world of technology & creativity you’ve always dreamt of.

SEA is an exclusive Audio Engineering school. You are trained to become an audio professional from the day first itself. Learn the theory behind your practice through research and writing.
We are progressive –Students are encouraged to be personalized and creative.

SEA is an accredited institution and our programmes are original and are exclusively developed.

In short, a sound engineering student from SEA is equipped to work with Film, Television, Radio, Live Sound and all kinds of modern media.