ABOUT Newmate Electro Systems
We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of superior quality Lightning Arrestors, Outdoor Lightning Arrestor Surge protector devises (SPD) and all type Earthing Solutions since 1996 Our Lightning Arrestor is a metal rod, made of copper and , used as part of lightning safety to protect tall or isolated structures (such as the roof of a building or the mast of a vessel) from lightning damage. Lightning is the leading cause of weather related damage to building equipment’s. With average lightning currents of 15 KA to 45 KA and heat energy in excess of 20,0000 C, the need for improved lightning protection is evidence. We manufacturers high quality Lightning Arrestor. Newmate Electro Systems provides the high quality products and prompt services with correct installations and operations without any compromise. We already workout more than 1,400 projects of Govt., other public and private sectors for lightning solutions in south India Our lightning arrestors can handle big surges, like lightning, by passing them harmlessly to ground. A lightning rod acts as a cone of protection that has a ground radius approximately, equal to its height above the ground. Lightning arrestors units will reduce problems due to lightning, power surges, and spike to a great extent. This is not a very expensive product but highly recommended for every construction. It eliminates human and property loss. Our lightning arrestor systems are with copper make spike antenna, copper down conductor, copper plates, copper winded ionizers and chemical earthings included We have also dealings of internal surge protection devises of M/S CITEL France All line surge protection devices are internal SPD s are the product of M/S CITEL France , We are the channel partners of Kerala , TN and Karnataka states