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About Karikkakom Pongala
The annual festival is in the month of Meenam for seven days. Millions of women gather every year in the month of Meenam around this temple and prepare Pongala (rice cooked with jaggery, ghee, coconut as well as other ingredients) in the open in small pots to please the goddess. The idol of Devi is carried out in a golden chariot around the temple on the day before Pongala and thousands of devotees gather to witness it.
About Karikkakom Devi Temple
Karikkakom Sree Chamundi Devi Temple or Karikkakom Devi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundi located in Thiruvananthapuram, India. This ancient temple, more than 600 years old, is situated at Karikkakom, around 7 km north of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The temple enshrines a Panchaloha idol of the goddess Karikkakathamma – an incarnation of Chamundi. The rare fact about this temple is that Chamundi Devi is worshiped here in three different forms: Maha Chamundi, Raktha Chamundi, and Bala Chamundi. During the period of King's rule this temple was the venue for imparting justice and truth. Truth and justice were tested on oath and solemnization and the punishmentsf meted out accordingly.
Main Shrine
Chamundi Devi herself is considered a fierce form of Kali, but the same Chamundi Devi is worshipped here in three different forms in three different adjacent sanctums situated adjacently. An idol of the Devi is located in the extreme left main sanctum.
Other Shrines
Though the cardinal deity is Chamundi Devi, Rektha Chamundi, Bala Chamundi, Sastha, Ganapati, Yakshiyamma, Bhuvaneshvari, Ayiravalli and Yogeshwara are also accommodated in the temple. Also, just to the north of the Devi Temple, there is an old house known as Guru Mandiram. This is believed to be the ancestral house or tharavad of the Yogiswaran who brought Devi to this place.
Pongala 2019
Date : March 19, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time : 10.15 AM
Festival Schedule