A magical mansion that enchants all! It astonishes the adults and the kids alike ! Golden fishes swim across the spacious mansion and sweet music fills the air! Eye catching seats shaped like fruits attracts the attention of each and every one. A great world of toys. Tiny tots like butterflies and caring elderly sisters like angels.

These magical mansions that kindle the desires of all are nothing but small schools for the kids. Yes, the Sydney Montessori schools are becoming models for Kerala and the country as well, in Montessori education

The Sydney Montessori schools are the fruitful outcomes moulded out of the dreams of Jasmine K. Mathew and they are meant to employ the infinite and wonderful possibilities of the modern world, with firm footing on the cultural legacy of the nation. Her peer group strives hard to realize her inherent visions about kids and their motivation glorify the schools with unbound success.

Jasmin K Mathew founded twenty one Sydney Montessori Schools within a span of thirteen years. The schools evolved as model centres that could motivate the children to horizons far and beyond knowledge and wisdom. In addition to these, the Teacher Training College and Residential schools also are there to the credit of Sydney. Sydney also established a research cum training centre on Kindergarten schooling, the first of it’s kind in Kerala.

Imbibed child psychology

Instructors and administrators who have imbibed child psychology in letter and spirit facilitate the tiny tots to commence their pedagogical life in a majestic manner.

Child friendly schools

All the Montessori schools of Sydney are spacious, fine-looking and child friendly. The interiors are designed handsomely to become magical so as to enthrall not only the kids but the grown-ups also. They tend to stimulate the creativity in the little minds.

Far from the public roads

In order to shield the children from pollution like smoke, sound etc. caused by the proximity to the public roads, the Schools are located in compounds with much green cover as much as possible.

Concept of values, magnificent and thematical class rooms, child-centered pedagogy aimed at virtue and holistic development, lessons to enhance physical-mental-spiritual faculties, qualified and trained teachers who beam as beacons of love and empathy, environment friendly and safe spaces, supporting centres for the parents and a lot more !

Help desk : 93887 08232, 94471 48015 E-mail : Sydneyeducationcommunity@gmail.com

'Ayas' are not to instruct

It is observed that the foul language as well as the abysmal practices and body language seen among many children are imbibed from unskilled 'Ayas' who interact constantly with children. In contrast to this common practice, the kids in Sydney schools are not permitted to mingle with 'Ayas'. As their interaction is only with qualified and trained teachers, the kids learn good words and pronunciation and imbibe fine practices.


Many an awards and appreciation have been conferred on Sydney. To cite a few, the Rajiv Gandhi Siromani Award (2012), Chacha Nehru Award for the best Montessori School in Kerala (2013) Women Empowerment Award by the Junior Chamber (2013), Global Achievement Award from Dubai (2013), Excellence Award 2016 for the best Montessori School from Mangalam group.

Come... Let us fly beyond stars...

Nutritious and delicious food

In their tender age, when food should be balanced, assorted and nutritious utmost care is exercised by our resident cooks to provide it with quality and it is served hot by the teachers.

Serving time

Breakfast - 9.30 am.

Porridge - 11.30 am.

Lunch - 12.30 pm.

Evening food - 2.30 pm.