About Athmanilayam
Welcome to the fabulous world of Athmanilayam Agriculture Park Athmanilayam, a high-flying attraction of the beautiful hamlet of Parassala,is located at a fair distance of 35 Kilometers from the capital city of Kerala,Thiruvananthapuram .It has been fascinating the visitors and customers from all around the world for the last three decades with its rich varieties of plants and pet animals developed/bred in the gardens itself. It is our pride to say that Athmanilayam Agriculture Park is one of its kind, the best leading firm working in the field of plant nurseries in South India.

Athmanilayam being one of the most modern and big nurseries in Kerala have grown tremendously over the years and have built reputation and business by offering a wide range of high quality products and services. Athmanilayam specializes in developing rare and unusual plants as well the classic gardening favourites through our own most sophisticated research methodology. An extent of fifteen acres of land has been set apart for the entire establishment of the Gardens including buildigs, green houses,etc.

It is wonderful to see Important Plants from India and foreign countries grow in our climatic conditions. Foreigners, Horticulturists, students are visiting this nursery very often as part of enjoyment, gathering knowledge , study and for purchasing medicinal and ornamental plants. Nursery also has a of wide varieties of Birds, Emu,etc in its collection. We are also practicing aviculture and Poultry farming.

Our Researches
  • Botanical, horticultural and chemical research for plant improvement and utilization
  • Offer facilities for the improvements of ornamental plants and to propagate them in the larger context of establishment of nursery and flower trade
  • Comparable climatic condition for the economic benefit of Kerala

  • Cheruvarakonam, Parasala. P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala - India
  • 04651-245976
  • 9447045976